JPI Climate SRIA

The JPI Climate Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) sets out three overarching challenges and one strategic mechanism that together are intended to develop and support excellent, innovative, relevant and informative climate research. The framing – especially the emphasis on connectivity and synergy - reflects the priorities and approaches of researchers, funders and practitioners in the countries participating in JPI Climate.

The three overarching challenges are:

Understanding the processes and consequences of climate change
Improving knowledge on climate-related decision-making processes and measures
Researching sustainable societal transformation in the context of climate change

and the Strategic Mechanism is:

Connecting people, problems and solutions in a systemic approach

The first challenge deals with building the knowledge base on the climate system and climate impacts that is relevant for strategic planning. While the second challenge deals with the short-term/incremental decisions and understanding decision making processes themselves, the third challenge deals with decisions in a wider and more holistic perspective, in terms of the long-term transition and development of society. Together these three challenges deal with linking research and innovation to decisions at different scales.

The strategic mechanism frames the task of JPI Climate of enhancing connections as a research topic in itself. JPI Climate aims to work in an international context for all of these three challenges and strategic mechanism that comprise its SRIA, with a user-oriented approach and with a focus on integrating research and decision making.

The slight overlap between the challenges is intentional. Solutions to the complex problems associated with addressing climate variability and change will not be successfully developed within a siloed approach to research and innovation. These challenges are described in general terms, in order to account for future policy developments and frameworks as well as technical and scientific advances. The specific priorities and activities for a given period within JPI Climate will be reflected in the Implementation Strategy and Plan.

Read the full strategy of JPI Climate here.