Sea Level Rise Knowledge Hub

The Sea Level Rise Knowledge Hub (SLR KH) is a joint effort by JPI Climate Action Group Next Generation of Climate Sciences in Europe & JPI Oceans with the support of SINCERE, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), Deltares Netherlands, and CNRM Météo-France.

Global sea level has been rising around 20 cm since 1900, and continues to rise with increasing rates. Acknowledging this fact and working on solutions challenges a wide range of disciplines (e.g. climate, geosciences, social sciences) trying to cope and adapt to this phenomenon. Scientists are working on estimates of the local impacts of sea-level rise at the shore to help policy makers define mitigation and/or adaptation strategies. Providing these estimates and communicating their uncertainty is still difficult due to the partitioning of the research community. An interdisciplinary approach is needed to address this societal challenge that requires the involvement of science organisations, policy makers, including particularly the societal transformation disciplines.  

The final decision for implementing a sea-level rise (SLR) knowledge-hub (KH)  is currently evaluated based on the outcome of the "Scoping Workshop - Assessing local impacts of sea-level rise at the shore for mitigation and adaptation" that was organized on 18 and 19 March 2019 in Brussels. 

A workshop on the operationalisation of the Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise was held as a video conference on 22-23 April 2020. The first day, which was open to external experts, convened more than 70 participants from 15 European countries. Participation on the second day, which was focused on operational discussions and restricted to the JPI Oceans and JPI Climate members, and the respective funding authorities, saw the active involvement of  44 representatives from 15 countries. More abaut the workshop here.