WP5: JPI Climate Dissemination

The general objective of this WP is to specify the main objective of JPI Climate outreach, the target audiences, the content of the information to be disseminated and communicated, and the means to do that effectively within the constraints of the available budget. In order to effectively disseminate knowledge to the relevant stakeholders) the JPI Climate requires a dissemination and communication strategy tailored to the various target audiences.

The objectives of WP5 are:

  • Developing a strategy which enhances the potential, realised reach and impact of the JPI through effective communication and dissemination with policy, private and other stakeholders to achieve a high level of awareness and engagement.
  • Developing communication products for external (and internal) audiences working with the Themes and stakeholders to encourage participation and enhance the impacts of the JPI Climate.
  • Linking with the dissemination actions of complementary international initiatives, including other JPIs, in developing and implementing outreach activities.
  • Developing and maintaining the JPI Climate’s website, including the external public site and a password-protected site for internal communication and information sharing.
  • Encouraging the broader scientific community in the partner countries to actively engage in the JPI Climate as well as expanding the programme beyond existing partners.
  • Streamlining dissemination of JPI-Climate-related research results to relevant national and international stakeholders and engage them in identifying future programme priorities.