WP4: JPI Climate Framework Conditions

WP4 enables continuous improvement in managing and implementing the JPI Climate. Efficient methods of collaboration are developed and applied in collaboration with WP 2 to support the JPI Implementation Plan.

The JPI Climate activities are implemented on the basis of (i) the Voluntary Guidelines on Framework Conditions for Joint Programming, (ii) the insights and experiences developed in the CSA JPI to Co-Work as well as other individual JPIs or equivalent multilateral initiatives, and (iii) an assessment of the existing governance scheme in the JPI Climate. It develops a common framework for the joint implementation of activities within the JPI Climate, through:

  • Revision of the existing governance scheme and operationalisation of the adopted governance principles 
  • Development and management of instruments and demonstrators to implement the JPI Climate through joint actions
  • Development of common guidelines for effective and efficient transfer of knowledge and innovation to users 
  • Promote common practices on these issues within the Joint Programming community