WP3: JPI Climate Platform

The current annual funding volume of the 13 member countries of the JPI Climate amounts to more than 200M €. Consequently, the JPI Climate is a strong player in the climate research policy landscape in Europe. As such, the JPI Climate’s is the platform where research policies and programmes between the JPI Climate member countries and European institutions (notable the EC) are streamlined. In addition, the objective is to liaise with other initiatives in order to position the JPI Climate to be part of the policy landscape on European as well as global level.

The aim of the WP3 is to implement the strategic platform by setting up the JPI Climate Central Secretariat for the JPI Climate member states’ internal and external coordination. Central Secretariat facilitates and supports the work of the JPI Climate bodies – in particular the Governing Board (GB), the Management Committee (MC), Transdisciplinary Advisory Board (TAB), Working Groups (WGs) and Expert Panels (EPs) - and provides a central JPI Climate office in Brussels for creating and maintaining the JPI Climate links to other relevant initiatives and programmes at national, European and international level.

The specific objectives of the WP3 to further develop the JPI Climate platform are:

  • coordinating and facilitating the setting up of the Central Secretariat
  • providing tools, means and procedures to enhance the coordination and communication between the JPI Climate governance bodies and organize their meetings
  • identifying and linking relevant European and international actors and stakeholders to the JPI Climate (with WP5)
  • streamlining climate research funding policy collaboration and communication with members states and EC, European parliament and Council and similar actors