JPI Climate - Coordination and Support Action (CSA)

This CSA had been finished in 2015

JPI Climate contributes to building the European Research Area through enhanced cooperation and coordination of national research programmes. These long-term research activities are to be developed by a strong and efficient management structure. Therefore, the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) is set up to support the development of this JPI Climate into a viable, mature and sustained joint research effort.

The JPI Climate CSA is integrated within the JPI and enables the JPI Climate to realize its goals of achieving a competitive advantage for Europe by improving the knowledge base for climate action, informing on-going international negotiations and enhancing decision-making capacities on various levels with regards to climate change.

The JPI Climate CSA supports a range of activities: joint research funding, alignment of national research programmes, workshops, academic courses, facilitation of research exchange programmes, and targeted policy support actions. Collaboration is pursued with other JPIs, research programmes, networks and initiatives at member state and European level with an eye to extending the JPI Climate membership base.

All member countries of the JPI Climate, except for Spain, are also partners of JPI Climate CSA, which decreases management and coordination efforts and risks of miscommunication.