Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe

The Joint Programming Initiative "Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe" (JPI Climate) is a pan-European intergovernmental initiative gathering European countries to jointly coordinate climate research and fund new transnational research initiatives that provide useful climate knowledge and services for post-COP21 Climate Action.

JPI Climate connects scientific disciplines, enables cross-border research and increases the science-practice interaction. JPI Climate contributes to the overall objective of developing a European Research Area and to underpin the European efforts in tackling the societal challenge of climate change.



Testing how species respond to climate change Predicting how species will respond to climate change is a critical part of efforts to prevent widespread climate-driven extinction, or to predict its consequences for ecosystems. Read more in the paper: 'Testing for local adaptation and evolutionary potential along altitudinal gradients in rainforest Drosophila: beyond laboratory estimates' by: E. O'Brien, M. Higgie, A. Reynolds, A. Hoffmann, and J.Bridle in Global Change Biology.
University of Bristol, United Kingdom, Monday 16 January 2017
ERA4CS Workshop on Climate Services - Synergies, Gaps and Challenges (2/3 Feb 2017, Brussels) NERC, in partnership with the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Ireland, and the Ministry of Education, Universities & Research (MIUR) Italy, invite you to an interactive workshop that will explore potential synergistic research and innovation opportunities and engage participants in identifying and putting forward knowledge and evidence gaps in climate service research and innovation.
JPI Climate / NERC / EPA, Thursday 22 December 2016
Vacancy: Director-General EMSO ERIC EMSO ERIC seeks a Director General (DG) who will lead this newly formalised organisation through its initiation and first years. The European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory (EMSO) is a research infrastructure at fixed-point monitoring nodes connecting European marine research facilities: from the Arctic, through the North Atlantic, to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 20 December 2016

Upcoming Events

23 Jan 2017 4th Climateurope webinar (23/01) on climate research, predictions, indices, services and users
02 Feb 2017 ERA4CS Workshop on Climate Services - Synergies, Gaps and Challenges
JPI Climate / NERC / EPA
27 Feb 2017 Fifth International Conference on Climate Services (ICCS5)
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
05 Apr 2017 Climateurope Festival
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
06 Jun 2017 3rd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference
JPI Climate Central Secretariat