Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe

The Joint Programming Initiative "Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe" (JPI Climate) is a pan-European intergovernmental initiative gathering European countries to jointly coordinate climate research and fund new transnational research initiatives that provide useful climate knowledge and services for post-COP21 Climate Action.

JPI Climate Magazine
JPI Climate E-magazine (released in December 2019) is the result of the work developed by SINCERE, in close collaboration with the coordinators from the research projects, and has the intention to increase the societal impact of these projects.


JPI Climate connects scientific disciplines, enables cross-border research and increases the science-practice interaction. JPI Climate contributes to the overall objective of developing a European Research Area and to underpin the European efforts in tackling the societal challenge of climate change.



5th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA2021) ECCA 2021 will be the Lustrum edition of the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference. The goal of the conference is to inspire adaptation action by showcasing solutions, exchanging knowledge, creating connections and dialogue with a broad set of policy makers on how to act more and faster at every relevant governance level (25 May - 22 June 2021).
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Thursday 8 April 2021
Blue-Action final event: Multi-annual to Decadal Climate Predictability in the North Atlantic-Arctic Sector (20-22 Sept 2021) Blue-Action final event: Multi-annual to Decadal Climate Predictability in the North Atlantic-Arctic Sector will take place from 20-22 September 2021.The workshop aims to foster scientific exchanges and collaborations on multi-annual to decadal climate predictability.
ROADMAP project, Monday 3 May 2021
LIVING LAB 2021: turning climate information into value for traditional Mediterranean agri-food systems The MED-GOLD Living Lab is an on-line event 27 May – 24 June 2021) dedicated to early career scientists and professionals in the areas of climate science, agriculture, business strategy, social sciences and communication.
Tuesday 27 April 2021
Professor Joyeeta Gupta has received an Advanced Grant worth €2.5 million from the European Research Council Professor Joyeeta Gupta receives €2.5 million from the European Research Council for research into climate change and the fossil fuel industry and look into the roles of the various different stakeholders and develop tools to help them all move towards climate-resilient change and inclusive development.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Friday 23 April 2021

Upcoming Events

17 May 2021 Workshop on the 3rd pillar of Knowledge Hub on Climate Neutrality - 2 days tbc back to back with Meeting with funders on the 2nd pillar of Knowledge Hub on Climate Neutrality - Pathways document
25 May 2021 5th European Climate Adaptation Conference High-level Event & Webinars
15 Jun 2021 European development days The European Commission organises the 14th edition of Europe’s premier forum for international cooperation and development. The overarching subject will be the Green Deal for a sustainable future.
European Commission
28 Jun 2021 23rd JPI Climate Governing Board meeting
01 Jul 2021 AXIS projects Midterm meeting
08 Sep 2021 Climate Neutrality Forum Bringing together leading researchers, policymakers and practitioners working on achieving climate neutrality, this blended event is both in-person and virtual in nature, with support from JPI-Climate and the ClimateWorks Foundation.
CMCC Foundation – Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
01 Nov 2021 COP26