Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe

The Joint Programming Initiative "Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe" (JPI Climate) is a pan-European intergovernmental initiative gathering European countries to jointly coordinate climate research and fund new transnational research initiatives that provide useful climate knowledge and services for post-COP21 Climate Action.

JPI Climate connects scientific disciplines, enables cross-border research and increases the science-practice interaction. JPI Climate contributes to the overall objective of developing a European Research Area and to underpin the European efforts in tackling the societal challenge of climate change.




Climate Europe Festival 2018 and JPI Climate - SINCERE Programme JPI Climate is present with its programme SINCERE during the second edition of the Climate Europe Festival in Belgrade Serbia.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Wednesday 17 October 2018
10 Years Joint programming – Achievements and the Way Forward JPI Urban Europe and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency – FFG organised an evening event to celebrate the 10 Years of JPIs on 19th September in Vienna, which was followed by a conference on 20th September hosted under The Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Friday 5 October 2018
Climate adaptation for cities and regions The "European Week of Cities and Regions 2018” takes place in Brussels on 9th - 10th October. The side event Climate Adaptation for cities and regions will be held on 9th-10th of October.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 18 September 2018

Upcoming Events

17 Oct 2018 Climateurope Festival
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
12 Nov 2018 JPI Climate Action Group GHG 3rd Balance workshop
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
26 Nov 2018 JPI Climate Governing Board meeting
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
28 Nov 2018 ERA4CS General Assembly meeting
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
03 Dec 2018 UNFCCC CP24 Katowice Climate Change Conference
JPI Climate Central Secretariat