Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe

The Joint Programming Initiative "Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe" (JPI Climate) is a pan-European intergovernmental initiative gathering European countries to jointly coordinate climate research and fund new transnational research initiatives that provide useful climate knowledge and services for post-COP21 Climate Action.

JPI Climate connects scientific disciplines, enables cross-border research and increases the science-practice interaction. JPI Climate contributes to the overall objective of developing a European Research Area and to underpin the European efforts in tackling the societal challenge of climate change.




JPI Climate joins the climate demonstration in Brussels Following the international call launched by the young Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg, strikes and marches are being held in more than 80 countries around the world on Friday, March 15th. In Belgium have been planned actions in more than 21 cities across the country. Activists from JPI Climate also joined the march in Brussels.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Wednesday 20 March 2019
Climate risk: Need for more collaboration between research and finance How can investors protect their portfolios against physical impacts of climate change? A new report from the ERA4CS funded project ClimINVEST project provides insight to what investors need to make better investment decisions in a changing climate.
CICERO, Tuesday 12 March 2019
Flagship for Latin America. Scoping workshop - preparing a joint vision and collaborative activities Within the framework of SINCERE project task 4.2. the Spanish Research Agency with the support of funding agencies from Argentina (MINCyT), Denmark (DTU), Italy (CMCC) and The Netherlands (NWO), is organising a Scoping Workshop to be held in Helsinki on 17 May 2019.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 5 March 2019

Upcoming Events

27 Mar 2019 JPI Climate/DG RTD Workshop on Key systems models; links and gaps
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
15 May 2019 17th JPI Climate Governing Board meeting
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
17 May 2019 SINCERE Scoping Workshop Task 4.2 Flagship action: Latin America
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
27 May 2019 Side-event at ECCA Conference "5 years of climate services in JPI Climate: state of affairs, lessons learned and the way forward" Climate services are posted to become a source of key strategic information for many sectors, but perhaps the one in which their momentum is greater is climate finances, given their role in disclosure requirements for the investment process of institutional investors. The target audience includes researchers, academics, private sector and research funders that invest in climate service research.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
28 May 2019 European Climate Change Adaptation Conference ECCA
JPI Climate Central Secretariat