ECCA 2021 - Results

The 5th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA 2021) took place from 25 May to 22 June 2021. A series of 9 webinars was organised from 25 May to 10 June, in the run-up to a high-level event on 22 June. This event was hosted by the European Commission, back to back with the annual European Research & Innovation Days (23-24 June).

Go to the ECCA 2021 platform where you can find the programme: here.
For a detailed programme of the 9 webinars, you can have a look here.

For the videos of the webinars, please have a look to our webinar programme section. For the high-level event you can find the recordings of the sessions, as follows:

Watch the ECCA 2021 teaser video here 

E-Library Projects videos here.

and Wrap-up video here.

And read about delivering key messages from the conference, ahead of global climate summit, COP26

ECCA 2021 by numbers:

  • 9 webinars
  • 74 meetings
  • 112 speakers & presenters
  • from 112 countries
  • representing more than 12 international sectors
  • 1962 participants