European Climate Change Adaptation Conference - ECCA 2021

Welcome to ECCA 2021. The 5th edition of the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference:  

"Bringing adaptation solutions to life: Inspiring climate adaptation action today for a resilient future"

The 5th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA 2021) took place from 25 May to 22 June 2021. A series of 9 webinars was organised from 25 May to 10 June, in the run-up to a high-level event on 22 June. This event was hosted by the European Commission, back to back with the annual European Research & Innovation Days (23-24 June).

Go to the ECCA 2021 platform where you can find the programme here. For a detailed programme of the 9 webinars, you can have a look here.

For the videos of the webinars, please have a look to our webinar programme section. The outcomes of the ECCA 2021 Conference you can find here and the article by Sally Stevens "Successful ECCA Conference delivers clear messages ahead of global climate summit, COP26": here.

The European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA) is Europe's largest conference on climate change adaptation, and is an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge between scientists, policy makers and practitioners.

ECCA 2021 will be the Lustrum edition of this European Climate Change Adaptation Conference. The goal of the conference is to inspire adaptation action by showcasing solutions, exchanging knowledge, creating connections and dialogue with a broad set of policy makers on how to act more and faster at every relevant governance level. 

ECCA 2021 is a virtual event, combining a series of webinars on critical climate adaptation challenges in May and June 2021, ramping up the key policy messages of the webinars into a high-level conference on 22 June 2021, which will be hosted by the European Commission as a stand-alone event.

JPI Climate, together with the European Commission and the EU projects SINCERE, RECEIPT and CASCADES will lead the organisation of the next ECCA.


This ECCA edition aims to:

  • A platform to exchange practical solutions and knowledge (legacy) on solutions for climate resilience
  • A place to connect research, tools and solutions with decision makers and practitioners
  • A place to listen and learn new things – and to be inspired to create change
  • An event that leaves you with a good feeling and a desire to get involved again
  • An event that raises awareness and encourages action at all levels

The biennial European Climate Change Adaptation conference is convened by projects that have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme (website).