Two papers on the mental model tool Two papers have been published in December 2021 by MECCA team members that are laying the groundwork for the MECCA project.
MECCA project, Friday 17 December 2021
Distributional effects and acceptability of carbon taxes in the EU - CHIPS policy brief No 1 published The first CHIPS Policy Brief "Distributional effects and acceptability of carbon taxes in the European Union" analysing the distributional effects of EU-wide CO2 taxes in the European Union is issued.
CHIPS project, Friday 17 December 2021
SHAPE discussion paper: Reconsidering governance perspectives of the transformation to sustainability (T2S) A new study from the SHAPE project explores the role of governance in the context of the discourse on transformations to sustainability. The study, published as a DIE discussion paper, starts by synthesizing the academic debate on transformation that has re-emerged with intensity in the context of the discourse on sustainability.
SHAPE project, Friday 17 December 2021
SHAPE project: Videos explaining the project’s approach released In the context of the stakeholder dialogue within the SHAPE project, two short videos have been released. In an easy to understand way, they provide information about the project’s approach of co-developing a new set of scenarios for Sustainable Development Pathways (SDPs).
SHAPE project, Friday 17 December 2021
JPI Climate Excellence Award for Social Impact The JPI Climate Excellence Award for Social Impact is aiming to celebrate the research team that made an excellent performance in creating social impact via its JPI Climate funded research project. Submission closing date: 19 November 2021.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Friday 29 October 2021
Mission possible: Reconcile energy demand for a decent life for all and climate mitigation goals IIASA researchers being part of the SHAPE project have assessed how much energy is needed to provide the global poor with a decent life and have found that this can be reconciled with efforts to meet climate targets. In a new study published in Environmental Research Letters a multidimensional approach to poverty was applied to conduct a comprehensive global study on decent living standards (DLS).
SHAPE project, Friday 1 October 2021
SHAPE: An integrated strategy for ambitious climate action and dedicated policies for development A new paper developed within the framework of SHAPE and published in Nature Climate Change presents an integrated strategy that safeguards people from climate change while at the same time moving towards the targets of the SDGs. The authors examined different areas of action, like food, energy or global and national equity, and their effects on the prospects of meeting the SGDs.
SHAPE project, Wednesday 15 September 2021
Mid-term meeting of AXIS projects The virtual Mid-term meeting of AXIS projects took place on 1 July, 2021 with the participation of around 50 people and aimed to monitor progress of the projects.
AXIS project, Monday 5 July 2021
Planning with climate change: Combining climate mitigation and adaptation decisions AXIS Research Programme Coordinator Rolf von Kuhlmann explains why connecting scientific disciplines with society is crucial for climate change policy. The article published in the “Open Access Government”.
Rolf von Kuhlmann, AXIS Research Programme Coordinator , Thursday 15 April 2021
Drought generates complex multi-sectoral impacts in mountain Mediterranean areas In the frame of the project Cross-sectoral impact assessment of droughts in complex European basins, drought impacts have been analysed in the upper Aragón basin (central Spanish Pyrenees) in a variety of sectors in a topographically complex basin.
CROSSDRO project, Friday 9 April 2021