SHAPE: An integrated strategy for ambitious climate action and dedicated policies for development A new paper developed within the framework of SHAPE and published in Nature Climate Change presents an integrated strategy that safeguards people from climate change while at the same time moving towards the targets of the SDGs. The authors examined different areas of action, like food, energy or global and national equity, and their effects on the prospects of meeting the SGDs.
SHAPE project, Wednesday 15 September 2021
Mid-term meeting of AXIS projects The virtual Mid-term meeting of AXIS projects took place on 1 July, 2021 with the participation of around 50 people and aimed to monitor progress of the projects.
AXIS project, Monday 5 July 2021
Planning with climate change: Combining climate mitigation and adaptation decisions AXIS Research Programme Coordinator Rolf von Kuhlmann explains why connecting scientific disciplines with society is crucial for climate change policy. The article published in the “Open Access Government”.
Rolf von Kuhlmann, AXIS Research Programme Coordinator , Thursday 15 April 2021
Drought generates complex multi-sectoral impacts in mountain Mediterranean areas In the frame of the project Cross-sectoral impact assessment of droughts in complex European basins, drought impacts have been analysed in the upper Aragón basin (central Spanish Pyrenees) in a variety of sectors in a topographically complex basin.
CROSSDRO project, Friday 9 April 2021
Large-Scale Hydrological and Sediment Modeling in Nested Domains under Current and Changing Climate The DIRT-X project supported the open access publication "Large-Scale Hydrological and Sediment Modeling in Nested Domains under Current and Changing Climate".
DIRT-X project, Thursday 1 April 2021
UPDATES FROM THE LAMACLIMA PROJECT: LAMACLIMA Stakeholder Webinars LAMACLIMA team began its project stakeholder engagement activities and held 3 webinars aiming to build capacity and enhance understanding of how changes in land cover and land management affect climate and environmental via biogeophysical and biogeochemical effects.
LAMACLIMA project, Friday 26 March 2021
Progress of the CROSSDRO Project during 2020 CROSSDRO project reports its progress during 2020 in the Annual Newsletter and Annual report.
CROSSDRO project, Thursday 14 January 2021
JPI Climate Newsletter issue 22 - December 2020 Twenty second edition of the JPI Climate Newsletter with information about the Second JPI Climate Scoping Forum Symposium, JPI Climate Governing Board and Transdisciplinary Advisory Board meetings, ECCA21 Conference, the progress of the AXIS and SINCERE projects and other news.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 22 December 2020
Updates from the LAMACLIMA project In the last quarter of 2020, LAMACLMA project organised Annual project meeting on 14-15 of December, presented project in several conferences and members of the consortium contributed to papers published in various scientific journals.
LAMACLIMA project, Monday 21 December 2020
News from the project DIRT-X The DIRT-X General Assembly was held on 17-18 June 2020, project partners shared progress in during the first project year, found synergies in the case studies, planned upcoming work in climate impact evaluations, and discussed new knowledge and scientific discoveries made in the project. More news available.
DIRT-X project, Monday 14 December 2020