Assessment of Cross(X) - sectoral climate Impacts and pathways for Sustainable transformation 

What is AXIS?

The ERA-NET Consortium AXIS (Assessment of Cross(X) - sectoral climate Impacts and pathways for Sustainable transformation) aims to promote cross-boundary, cross-community research with the overall goal to improve coherence, integration and robustness of climate impact research and connect it to societal needs. To this effect, AXIS aims to overcome boundaries between science communities through inter- or transdisciplinary research projects.

AXIS is a successor of the previous JPI Climate ERA-Net on Climate Services (ERA4CS). Both are part of the efforts of JPI Climate to contribute to the implementation of the European Roadmap for Climate Services. Within AXIS the goals are in particular to improve the “Integration of physical and socioeconomic data and information” (Challenge 3, Activity 3.1a) and “establishing confidence in [CS], and the role of uncertainty in climate services and decision-support systems” (Challenge 3, Activity 3.1c).

The call had an indicative budget of 15 – 17 Mio. € to support international research projects of a duration of up to 3 years.

The AXIS joint call was structured into three interlinked themes:

1. Cross-sectoral and cross-scale climate change impact assessments
2. Integration of biophysical climate change impact estimates with economic models
3. Developing pathways to achieve the long-term objectives of the Paris Agreement, taking into account interactions with SDGs closely linked to SDG 13 (“climate action”)

The expert panel was held on 15 and 16 January, 2019 in Bonn, Germany. List of participants (click here).

The AXIS Selection Meeting of the Call Steering Committee (CSC) / Post Review Meeting was held on 29 January, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

Based on the results of the expert panel´s evaluation and on the available funds, the Call Steering Committee decided to fund 10 of the submitted 40 full proposals. Please find more information here.

Overview of Participating Funding Organisations.

AXIS Coordinator: Dr. Rolf von Kuhlmann 
Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), Germany

AXIS Communications: Petra Manderscheid
JPI Climate Central Secretariat

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union